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Application is one of the types of software that is functional for a specific task. There are commonly three types of applications that are categorized on the basis of their dependency. Some applications are multi-functional that require more content and more space and time consumption. In software engineering, an online functional system is copied from real-world object systems. In SE the definition of an object is the logical and physical existence of entities of a software development system. Eastern Marketics is providing the best web application development services all over the world. Some of the most common types of applications are as under.

1. Web Application

The web application is one of the core types of applications in which the application is depending on the web servers. A person who is developing these kinds of applications is becoming a web developer. or web programmer. There are many platforms using which the developers create attractive, responsive and user frankly websites because their entities depend directly on the user/client satisfaction. Some of the most papular platforms are larave, Shopify, open cart, Prestashop, WordPress, Wix, etc. Eastern Marketics is providing the best web application development services in Pakistan and all over the world.

2. Mobile Application

These applications are the most important type of application software because nowadays every individual has a smartphone. Mobile applications depend on mobile devices therefore they are different from web applications. It’s playing an important role in the marketing of brands, companies, organizations, etc because they have to attract huge traffic. A person who develops this kind of application becomes a Mobile app developer or Android developer.

3. Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are all those software which are depending on operating systems like Linux, windows, etc because they are heavy and multi-functional software. These kinds of software are mostly functional in restaurants, shopping malls, schools, etc because they have limited content for the limited users. A person who is developing this kind of application is known as a software developer because he/she is developing only software for a specific task.

Digital Marketing

It is one of the processes in which the experts are enhancing traffic towards your business, brand, organization, etc because they are using soft platforms to get the visitor. Marketing plays an important role in business development because it’s increasing the sales rate indirectly. Qualitative digital marketing strategies are playing the main role in the sustainability & consistency of business development. There are many parts of digital marketing which include, SMO, SEO, web development, app development, speed optimization, etc.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is one of the core values of digital marketing because it’s attracting organic and potential traffic toward the targeted soft platforms. The quality of the products/ services is directly proportional to the marketing. Because the qualitative products/ services don’t need external platforms to boost them. The user/ clients will do marketing after experiencing and satisfying.

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