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In computing, a database is a collection of data storing and accessing electronically from a computer system. Where databases are more complex they are often develops using formal design and modeling techniques. The database is one of the main parts of software which contains and organizes the data. All the main entities which are including users IDs, names, passwords, etc. Therefore the database security & privacy is important to maintain software quality and consistency.

Objectives of database security

There are many objectives of database security is present but some of the main and papular goals/objectives are as under.


Secrecy is one of the main objectives of database security because it’s very important for everyone. In secrecy, the data is prevented/detect/deter improper discloser of information in the database.


Integrity is to prevent/detect/deter improper modification of information in the database.


Availability is to prevent/detect/deter the improper denial of access to the services of the database.


The policy is the rules, regulations, methods, ways to achieve a specific goal because the policy is laws. In database security management there are two types of policies which are as under

Organizational polices

Organizational policies are rules and regulations employees must follow to keep business running smoothly. Some are intended to provide guidance and be helpful to employees. Others aim to protect the business from legal risk and warn employees not to do certain things because it’s necessary.

Information System Policies

As we read in the above line the policies of an organization are broad because they have to cover the entire organization. Their policies are applicable to all the systems of the organization because they are executive-level policies. But the information system policies are specified to manage the information system. The boundaries of information system policies are less as compared to organizational policy


Interrelated data and set of programs to access the data. Convenient and efficient processing of data. these are the policies of database application software.

Database Security

It’s playing an important role in the maintenance of database quality & software quality because security is the main part of the software. The database security system is the activities/processes in which the sensitive data is prevented/ protect from unauthorized disclosers. Also, prevent/detect improper un authorize modification of information in the database. Prevent/deter from daniel’s access to the services of the database.

Security controls

Security controls play an important role in the prevention and protection of database management systems. Because by using security control we can maintain the quality of any database management system. Some of the most important security control activities are as under.

  • Security Policy
  • Access control models
  • Integrity protection
  • Privacy Problems
  • Fault tolerance and recovery
  • Auditing and intrusion detection

Protection of Data Confidentiality

Data confidentiality is about protecting data against unintentional, unlawful, or unauthorized access, disclosure, or theft. Confidentiality has to do with the privacy of information, including authorizations to view, share, and use it. Some of the point which needs to focus during protection of data because is very important. Which are as under.

  • Which data the users can access because the specific data is open for authorized persons.
  • What the users can do with that data if it is open to access.
  • Data Mining

Data mining is a process of extracting and discovering patterns in large data sets. Involving methods at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems.

Access Control

To protect confidential data from miss using and hacking it’s important to focus on security controls. Access control is one of the core points of security controls because it’s very important for every database. You must ensure that all direct accesses to the object are authorized because it’s necessary to detect improper modifying of information. Protects against accidental and malicious threads by regulating the read, write, and execution of data and programs.

Access Control Requires

proper user identification which includes proper user name, password, fingerprint verification, etc. Information specifying the access rights is protected from modification. because the right authorize person can access the specific data.

Access Control Components

As we read in the first paragraph the components are the essential part of database security because they are key points of secrecy. Access control policies specify the authorize accesses of a system. Access control mechanism implements and enforces the policy. That means if any tread is identifying for the specific part of the database then the access control mechanism must apply to the specific part.

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