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The main definition of software is the sect of instruction to the computer machine. By using that instruction the hardware performs the function. According to my limited knowledge, Software plays an important role in the progress of technology. Nowadays the useability of software is increasing day by day because the usage of technologies is increasing day by day.

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Website Application Development

It is one of the best types of software in the programmers are developing the software and live it on the internet. The domain is acting as a field on which the ower develops the building. The same use case here once you register the domain and host the developed or developing software application.

Mobile app development

Mobile application is also one of the core types of software systems in which the professional developers are developing the software and live it on the plays an important role in the enhancement of the digital market. There are some basic methodologies through which we are developing the web & app development.

1. Waterfall Methodology

Before user experience was a determining factor in mobile app development, the waterfall model was the apple of the eye of every developer. The model executes phrases sequentially; you need to complete one phase entirely before moving to the next stage. 

The worst thing about this methodology is that there was no turning back. It is a complete process from the start to the end. You could only make changes in the maintenance stage, which comes after launching the product.

2. Prototype Methodology

Also known as evolutionary design or incremental development. The model is a refined version of the waterfall methodology that allows making changes during the design phase with the use of prototypes as the name suggests. This solution is for the idea that you need a prototype to fully understand the requirements of the project before you proceed with its design.

This framework subjects the prototype to client evaluation before it proceeds to the development stage.  The prototyping methodology managed to reduce the risk of failure through the use of prototyping and client feedback.

3. Spiral Methodology

The spiral methodology is a risk-driven model in mobile app development. The framework relies on the risk pattern of the project and uses more than one method in its process. It is a combination of waterfall methodology and iteration.

You are required to set requirements for each phase of the framework.  The number of stages in the spiral model highly depends on the project risk.  It is, therefore, suitable for large and complex projects with high risks.

5. Lean Startup Methodology

The main idea of the methodology is to offer a scientific solution for startups. Since it is a principled approach to new product development, the framework has found application in mobile app development.

This approach requires a minimum viable product (MVP) to initiate mobile app development. The lean startup model lets you build, measure and learn from the mobile app you develop. It focuses on building and launching mobile applications fast and at a lower cost.

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