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Object Orientated System Development

OOPS Concept

Object-Oriented Programming is the programming concept that works on the principles of classes, objects, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism & abstraction. These concepts play an important role in Object Orientated System Development. Some of the oops concepts are as under.


Inheritance is one of the core concepts of object-oriented programming in which one class inherits the attributes & functions of another parent class. A class that is the union of the parent class is call as the child class. For example, the human is a class that contains the attributes/properties ( hands, legs, eyes, etc) & functionalities/features( Clapping, walking, looking ). The other classes are male & female which have the same attributes & functions. Therefore the cases male & female inherit the information from the class of humans.


Class is a unit of object-oriented programming that contains the content of the object. The content includes the Attributes/properties & the features/functions of the object. Also contains the other specifications of an object. Let’s the object is a car and the attributes/properties are models, brand name, color, etc & the features/functions are fast-moving, automatic brake, Multi lighting system, etc. So the class of car can contain all the attributes and functionalities of the car.


The object is an instance of a class in object-oriented programming which physically exists. According to Wikipedia, the object is the piece of code that represents the real-life entity. The real-life entities of an object may be attributes & functions/methods because the class contains the attributes & functions.


Abstraction is also one of the core concepts of object-oriented programming that shows only essential data and hides unnecessary pieces of information. The main purpose of the abstraction is to hide unnecessary data from the users. The best example of abstraction is the car. When you enter the key in it and on the switch then the car starts but you don’t know how the engine starts and how the lights open. The internal logical steps are hidden from the user which is call abstraction


Polymorphism is also one of the concepts of object-oriented programming in which binds the data with functions. For example, a man at the same time has various behaviors. like at the same time the man is a male, father, brother, husband, etc. The person possesses different behaviors in different situations. which is call polymorphism.


It’s also one of the main concepts of object-oriented programming which binds the properties/ functions with

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